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Why are there different types of files such as flac, mp3, mp3 64k, ogg, etc...?

Because we want to please any kind of needs. So, flac is a free lossless audio codec similar to wav. Flac files are in full CD quality.

There are three kinds of mp3s: Better VBR (variable bitrate) mp3s with the minimum on 192 k bitrate, normal VBR mp3s, and low end 64k mp3s for low bandwidth downloads.

The third format is ogg format. It's a free format similar to mp3.

Where can I download the music?

Click on the band you want to download and then click on the Archive site. You'll be redirected to the Archive.Org site where you can download the music in various formats.

Why the music is hosted on Archive.Org?

Because i this way we want to augment the visibility of the releases, and in that way the released music becomes free from us too. S, even if the netlabel ceases to exist, the music will still be available.